Privacy policy

Security, and protecting your data from unauthorised access, are very important to Pro Infirmis. Pro Infirmis complies with the Federal Data Protection Act

The processing of donor data, such as data reconciliation or address updates, is done internally. Only a small number of people have access to our address management system.
Internal data protection regulations and the proper training for our staff ensure that compliance with the Data Protection Act is a matter of course at Pro Infirmis. We can therefore be sure that your address will not get into the hands of any unauthorised individual. Pro Infirmis does not trade in addresses, neither does it rent your data to any third party.

Personal data that you provide to us via online donations is sent to us in encrypted form via a secure connection, compared with our existing address database, and stored at Pro Infirmis. We use Secure Sockets Layer software (SSL) to ensure secure data transmission. This security procedure (SSL), which encrypts information, corresponds to the latest technology. The credit card data entrusted to Pro Infirmis is sent in encrypted form to an external partner which is certified by the credit card industry (PCI DSS). It is not stored or analysed by Pro Infirmis itself.

Your data leave our offices only to address printed matter to you as a donor. We have negotiated very strict data protection agreements with our external production partners.
With us you can rest assured that your donation and your address are in good hands.



Handling public-sector funds and donations requires an enormous degree of care. Pro Infirmis attaches great importance to transparency, in order to gain and to maintain the trust of taxpayers and donors.
In addition to information on the operating account and balance sheet, the Pro Infirmis annual report regularly also contains information serving the organisation's transparency. For example, Pro Infirmis discloses the compensation paid to operational management (Executive Board), and the expenses paid to the members of the Board of Governors, on an individual basis. The annual report also states the ratio between the lowest and highest salary in the organisation. The members of the Board of Governors and the cantonal committees work in an honorary capacity.



Pro Infirmis is monitored and audited by three independent bodies: Zewo (the central body which sets standards for charities in Switzerland), the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) and our audit firm.

The Zewo quality seal is a guarantee that donations are handled conscientiously, and that funds are used effectively, economically, and for the designated purpose.

Pro Infirmis has a quality management (QM) system in place to ensure that its services are geared as effectively as possible to the needs of people with disabilities, and that working processes are efficient and impact-oriented.

Accounting abides by the principles of Swiss GAAP ARR.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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