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Here you find important information on each Eurokey facility. Please use the search function in the map to find the facilities! Help us by notifying us of any shortcomings or defects at Eurokey installations.

You can also help us by indicating any new or not-yet-registered facilities. Your feedback is important to enable us to improve the offering.


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Locations Switzerland

Addresses abroad


CBF Darmstadt

Pallaswiesenstrasse 123A
64293 Darmstadt

Tel. (06151) 8122 0

Fax (06151) 8122 81

Service- und Informationszentrum für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen


Österreichischer Behindertenrat

Favoritenstrasse 111/11
1100 Wien

Czech Republic

HELO s.r.o.

Žirovnická 3124/1
10600 Praha 10

Tel. +420 222 714 351

Fax +420 222 722 095