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Pro Infirmis
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Usable Brands AG

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Ping Internet Agentur AG

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Ursula Meisser, Dominique Meienberger, Vera Markus, Kseniya und Marius Born

Declaration of accessibility conformity

Conformity at levels A and AA of the «Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0» has been established for The tests were conducted in a defined test environment using representative assistive technologies.
Conformity level attained: AA
Date: 13 December 2018
Web technologies used for accessibility: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines: 
Test organisation: Foundation «Access for All»: 


External systems (donation process, card application, newsletter, advisor section of the on-line counselling, microsite “Bildungsklub/Centre de formation continue” as well as the microsite “Büro für Leichte Sprache/Bureau pour la langage simplifié”).